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Single Eye Hypnosis

Stress relief
through hypnosis and
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Relieving stress:

Stress relief through hypnotherapy

Stress seems to be a natural part of all beings' lives as a certain level of appropriate stress appears necessary in order to survive. Stress becomes problematical when it no longer serves a useful purpose and begins to inhibit the normal functioning of an individual. It is our experience that such individuals respond positively to hypnosis.

Stress not only impacts our own lives but also negatively affects our relationships which in turn can lead to further stress building up in your own life and this merely strengthens the circle.

If you would prefer not to resort to prescribed drugs to combat your stress levels or have tried other therapies and have found them wanting, then hypnotherapy (either through self hypnosis or through hypnotherapy by way of a qualified hypnotherapist) offers a chemical-free and non-invasive alternative.

Hypnosis is not the be all and end all of stress relief, however, and there is much that you can do yourself to relieve any underlying feelings of stress simply by ensuring that you are following a healthy diet and getting sufficient good quality sleep and exercise.

Stress relief before hypnotherapy

A healthy diet, sufficient sleep and regular exercise are crucial to a peaceful and happy mind. If these are all in place in your life and you still suffer from stress then hypnosis may very well work for you. If these things are not in place in your daily activities then you are best advised to first make or attempt to make these (healthy diet, sufficient sleep and regular exercise) an integral part of your daily regime and you may well then find that you have no need for hypnosis and can save yourself time and money.

If thine eye be single thy whole body will be filled with light
"If thine eye be single..."