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Can hypnosis work for me?

If you've ever had the experience of being so completely caught up in a story, a movie or a daydream that you've temporarily forgotten your surroundings then hypnosis can work for you. Hypnosis is a state of mind with which you are already familiar without ever calling it that. It is a natural state of mind which each and every one of us moves into and out of several times a day as part of our normal lives.

In hypnotherapy this state is entered into consciously in order to solve personal problems which prove resistant to will power. People turn to hypnotherapy to alleviate stress, reduce pain levels, change habits and rebuild self-belief amongst many other things.

As the father of hypnotherapy, Milton Erickson, once put it, "There are no poor subjects - only inflexible hypnotists." In this way, if you can find a good hypnotist (please see our list of  qualified clinical hypnotherapists in Scotland) then hypnotherapy may be an ideal way for you to improve your quality of life in a simple and straightforward manner.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to work on yourself, you can use the self hypnosis scripts, self hypnosis videos and self hypnosis recordings available on the pages of this website.

If you don't find what you're looking for then please get in contact and we shall try to create a recording, video or script to fit your personal needs.

For more detailed explanations and definitions of hypnosis and hypnotherapy please see our 'What is hypnosis?' page.

What is hypnosis good for?

Hypnotherapy is used to change behaviour that we would normally have difficulty in altering through conventional methods or by sheer will-power. Stopping smoking (or ceasing to use any kind of drug), losing weight, overcoming phobias, stress relief and pain relief seem to be the most popular uses for hypnotherapy, though any type of desired behavioural change generally responds well to hypnotism and hypnotherapy.

Is hypnosis safe?

For the vast majority of people hypnotherapy is completely safe, involves no chemicals, is non-invasive and has a documented history of producing results where other methods have repeatedly failed. Hypnotherapy is not advised for those suffering from epilepsy or for clinical depression. If you suffer from epilepsy or clinical depression you are strongly advised to first consult your doctor or professional physician before resorting to this method - either self hypnosis or hypnotherapy by way of a hypnotist.

Please read our disclaimer below for further details.

Why does hypnosis work?

The vast majority of human beings (author included) labour under two onerous misapprehensions which shape and flavour our everyday experience. These two misapprehensions are responsible for our beliefs concerning both ourselves and the world in which we (appear to) find ourselves.  Against all of the available evidence each of us seems profoundly convinced that, as human beings, we are no more and no less than, discrete, self-aware, individual, autonomous entities which/who experience reality directly by way of our physical senses.

And yet what we regard as reality is never any more than our model of reality, could never be any more than a model of reality and the actor which appears within that model of reality and with whom we personally identify (interchangeably as either 'me' or 'I') could never be any more than a character of our own creation acting in a play which we convincingly tell to ourselves and which takes place therein.

Virtually everyone happily proceeds under the natural yet demonstrably erroneous assumption that the world as we experience it is the world as it is; we see, hear, smell, taste and touch what's there. The assumption is natural because we are taught/have been led to believe that we have sense organs which allow us to do exactly that - to directly perceive our immediate surroundings and our own self within those surroundings. This naturally leads to the further illusion that what we believe to be true about our experience in this world is simply how things really are.

And yet, despite our deepest convictions as to the self-evident truth of this, a short investigation as to what is actually happening when we perceive anything at all shows that this could not possibly be the case, since, by the very nature of the sense organs used to procure it, all experience is necessarily subjective utterly ruling out any possibility of an objective experience of anything at all.

Deepening the misunderstanding as to what is being perceived, the sense data is then interpreted, compared with past experience as well as hearsay and then moulded to fit the already existing model of reality held.

Any police officer will tell you that, if after interviewing several witnesses of the same incident, the police officer receives an identical, detailed account multiple times, then the events being described in the interviews of those various witnesses almost certainly didn't take place. Different witnesses experience different perspectives of the same event without exception.

Were human beings able to directly perceive objective reality then there would be no disputes, no arguments and no differing opinions on anything at all. Were the truth of the matter (whichever matter) to be in plain view, then difference of opinion could only come about through either damaged senses, damaged brains or mischief. All disagreement arises out of differing perspectives (different models of reality) being regarded as the truth of the matter by the respective holders of such perspectives.

The closest one can get to reality then, for any one, could never be any more than that person's model of reality. Since all models are dependent on belief or conviction - and this is particularly true in the individual's model of their own self with all its perceived strengths and weaknesses - this implies that reality for any supposed individual (for me and for you) is no more and no less than what that individual believes reality to be.

And our understanding of self is no different to our understanding of reality. Just as the eye cannot see itself and the finger cannot point at itself, the personal self cannot perceive itself.

And yet each and every one of us is so absolutely certain that this is not the case that the issue is not even worth being regarded as a sensible route of enquiry. Hence intractable problems remain.

Hypnosis/hypnotherapy works because reality is not what we think it is, not what we have been led to believe it is. What anyone of us regards as reality is merely a model of reality, could only ever be a model of reality, and it is on this personal model that we base our view and our understanding not only of our individual self and the world in which it appears to appear but also on the relationship between that self and the outside world.* And our view and understanding of the self, the world and their relationship is what each of us believes to be how things really are. Our view and our understanding of these, our model, is what we take reality to be.

This is borne out by the almost magical effect of hypnotherapy. The client comes to the hypnotist because they are unhappy with some aspect of their perceived self in relationship to the perceived outside world. In the client's experience the hypnotist seems to effect a cure by creating for the client a new sense of identity or a new relationship between the client's view of self and its relationship to the world. In the client's experience a trip to the hypnotist results in a changed reality. 

In this way, all that the hypnotist needs to do is to convincingly suggest to the client that they change their beliefs concerning whichever version of reality they currently take to be the case.

The client believes that they are unable to solve their problem on their own. The client has a particular view/feeling/understanding about his or her own self, a particular view/feeling/understanding of the outside world and a particular view about the relationship between the two. The client's view of that self and its perceived relationships is his or her reality - no more and no less. The hypnotherapist aids the client to change their view about reality concerning that self, to change their reality to one where it is absolutely possible to overcome their problem, or, more directly, the hypnotherapist offers the client a different perspective on reality which is accepted as reality itself.  The problem is then overcome because the client believes something different about their reality - the client now believes in a different reality and acquires a different view/feeling/understanding about his or her own self. 

The only experience we could possibly have of the supposedly objective world is subjective by nature. Objective reality is not verifiable in any way whatsoever and so objective reality remains and will ever remain a mere inference. Were it to be otherwise then science books would never need to be updated. Even Newton's laws remain true from a particular perspective only (applying as they do to the macrocosm and being completely inapplicable to the microcosm) and therefore do not, indeed could not, describe the real world objectively. Whilst our legislature misses the truth of this completely, our judiciary happily does not as this insight is integral to the proper function of our legal system.

As human beings then, we are very much creatures of the credulous variety, shaping our models of the world as much from belief as from experience. When belief takes precedence over experience problems arise in the shape of cognitive dissonance leading to an unhappy experience. The central problem common to all of us, then, is believing that it is possible not only to see and understand the world as it is (i.e. objectively) but also, crucially, to see ourselves and understand ourselves from an objective standpoint. This is quite impossible and the attempt to do so, underpinned and magnified by our conviction that this is the easiest and most natural thing to do ("Of course it is, I've been doing it all of my life!!!") leads us into a complex web of neurosis which, by the very nature of its origin, we find almost impossible to escape by our own means. Having vainly tried all else we eventually make our way to the hypnotist who's skill lies in solving our upsets simply by convincing us, through story, suggestion, metaphor, etc., to exchange our (model of) reality and  our understanding of our individual selves (or both) for ones in which our problem does not appear.

O wad some Power the giftie gie us
To see oursels as ithers see us!
It wad frae mony a blunder free us,
An' foolish notion:
What airs in dress an' gait wad lea'e us,
An' ev'n devotion!

Robert Burns

*The very idea that reality/existence/the world is split into self and other, the inside self and the outside world, distinct and separate, is itself no more than one amongst many models of reality and has by no means been universally held across time and culture. The Buddhist notion of anatta/anatman or 'no self' is and has been the central conceptual understanding of millions, to give the most prominent of examples.

Note: All of the above (minus Burns) is, of course, no more than an understanding based on the author's model of reality and is not being claimed as being 'the truth of the matter'. Whether or not you agree with Single Eye's model of reality, the efficacy of the scripts and recordings on this website is unaffected. This can be tested within your own model of reality  : )

single eye disclaimer

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